Sale of food flavorings on favorable terms
Food Flavorings are additives which are put in food to improve their taste and smell. They are flavoring substances or mixture of flavor compounds with a solvent or dry carrier (filled) or without them.

Food flavorings

Food flavorings are added to foods for:
  • stabilization taste and flavor of foods;
  • restoration flavor and taste lost during processing;
  • enhance the natural flavor and taste;
  • flavor tasteless foods.

Food flavors are available in the form of liquids or powders. Quality, durability and usage of liquid flavoring are determined by the solvent, which enters into its composition. Concentrated flavors base most often are dissolved in ethanol, propylene glycol, triacetin, which give them certain properties. For ease of flavors application they may be issued in the form of emulsions, which is to be painted.

Powdered food flavoring are mostly received by microencapsulation mixing liquid flavoring with a carrier. The carriers for flavorings are often gelatin, modified starch, gum arabic, dextrin, sugar or salt.

Manufacturers of Flavors

Destilla GmbH

Destilla GmbH is a leading manufacturer of flavorings and extracts. Flavours and Extracts of Destilla delivered to EU countries and Asia, as well as in the U.S., Australia, England and other customers of the company Destilla are major producers of food products, pharmaceuticals, food additives, as well as manufacturers and flavored instant coffee, flavored tea, soft drinks drinks and alcoholic beverages.

To guarantee the highest quality company Destilla GmbH uses high-quality natural ingredients and only the modern production technology.

Hertz&Selck Gmbh

Hertz & Selck Gmbh was founded in 1931 by two partners – Alfred Hertz and Karl Selck in the sea capital of northern Germany, the city of Hamburg. The main office, research department and manufacturing resources of the company are located here since 1931 until now.

Hertz & Selck Gmbh started out as the manufacturer of essential oils, fruit concentrates and dried fruit for food processing industry. What followed next was production of aroma fragrances for food.  Pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.

Symrise GmbH

Symrise GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of fragrances and flavorings. Flavors of Simrayz used in the production of food, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of dietary supplements.

Offered are a wide range of flavors and different chemical nature (artificial flavorings, natural).

Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant LLC

Chemical & Food Aromatic Plant LLC is the largest Russian producer of flavors for the food industry. The main customers of Chemical Plant Food aromatics are CIS countries and Baltic strany.Predlagaemaya products have a wide range of fragrances and reasonable price / quality ratio.

All the flavors offered by manufacturers are among the ten largest manufacturers of fragrances in the world. And offer a wide range of quality products.

Buy food flavorings

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Application of food flavorings

Aromatization hardly complicates the manufacturing process. Flavoring agent may be added into product in concentrated form (for example, an extract of spices powder in the manufacture of sausages), or as a concentrated solution (suspension) in a suitable solvent, which may be water, oil, alcohol, or a small amount of the product itself.

At snack products it is possible direct deposition of a dilute flavoring solution. Time of flavoring implementation is determined by product technology. For example, in cheeses, meats, sauces, flavorings are added along with salt, while in oil cream – along with sugar syrup. In the production of soft drinks flavoring is brought in after sugar or sweetener. In the manufacture of products subjected to heat treatment, it is recommended inputting flavoring as late as possible to minimize losses.

Assessment of flavoring quality is possible only in the final product.