Vanillin crystal

Crystal Vanillin is white or light yellow color crystals. Crystal vanillin has a pleasant fragrance, completely identical to the vanilla pods. By chemical composition crystal vanillin consist of 98% of vanillin, the remaining 2% – supportive elements to sustain and strengthen the smell of vanilla. Crystal vanillin has high stability properties to temperature. Melting of crystals goes at temperatures above 80 ° C. In the melting process is it scattering rich fragrance of vanilla. Due to high thermal stability of crystal vanillin it used in the confectionery and bakery manufactures where temperature of cooking is above 200 ° C.

Recommended dosages of crystal vanillin

Consumption of 100% crystal vanillin on 0,1 … 1,0 kg / t of product.

Product Quantity, g / t
Baking 200…300
Chocolate and chocolate products 100…300
Candy, confectionery mass 300…500
Aerated confectionery mass 200…300
Protein cream, custard 200…300
Dairy products 150…300
Ice cream 100…200
Chewing gum 150…450
Soft drinks 10…50
Alcoholic drinks 20…200

Crystal vanillin is used for making pastries and other bakery products. For many decades crystal vanillin is used in chocolate and chocolate products manufacture. Dairy products, ice cream, pastry cream also can’t be produced without crystal vanillin. Lately it is also often used in the production of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.