Beta-carotene – TM “Altratene”

Beta-carotene (E160a) is a food coloring, a yellow-orange plant pigment, one of 600 natural carotenoids. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A (retinol) and is a powerful antioxidant. Also, this substance has immunostimulant and adaptogenic action. Beta-carotin belongs to natural food colorings.

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Beta-carotene is successfully used in the following industries:
  • fat and oil (production of margarine, butter, mayonnaise);
  • dairy (ice cream production);
  • bakery and pasta (the production of rolls, baguettes, pasta, horns, chips, noodles);
  • confectionery (manufacture of biscuits, chocolate);
  • cheese (cheese production);
  • perfumes and cosmetics (manufacture creams for hand, face, lipstick);
  • agriculture (livestock, poultry);
  • others.

The market offers both fat- and water- soluble form. Fat-soluble form of beta-carotene is completely soluble in oils and fats, and well dispersed in water. Water soluble form of beta-carotene is completely dissolved in water, giving a clear solution. The dosage depends on the desired color and ranges from 3 to 25 mg / kg.

Beta carotene application

Form Concentration Products
water soluble β-carotene (fine brick-red
10,0% Candy, cookies, biscuits, pastry, bakery products, pasta, cheese, mayonnaise, jellies, jams, jellies, extrudates, confectionery, ice cream, dairy desserts, milk drinks.
fat-soluble β-carotene (oily suspension) 30,0% Fillings for confectionery and baking, dough, bakery products, pasta, cream / light oil, margarine, fat-based sauces, mayonnaise, extrudates, snacks, chips, fillings for cakes and pastry cream products, dairy desserts.