Sale of vanilin on favorable terms
Vanillin is a crystal or powder flavoring, obtained by chemical way. Vanillin is the most famous and one of the most ancient flavorings in the world. It was synthesized to replace the natural flavor - vanilla. Vanillin’s birthplace is South America, where vanilla is used since ancient times. It is believed that the first European, who tasted Vanillin, was Christopher Columbus. Vanillin is extracted from the fruit of the vanilla – the Mexican tropical liana of the orchid’s family. Vanillin is the main substance contained in the fruit of vanilla. Its content does not exceed 3% even in the best varieties of vanilla.


Artificially synthesized vanillin is a flavoring which is absolutely identical to natural vanillin as by chemical composition so by taste, but its price is tens or hundreds times lower.

Vanillin application

Most often vanillin is used in food industry to add vanilla flavor to products. The highest amount of vanillin is spent on the production of sweets: three-quarters of the total world vanillin consumption goes to the production of chocolate and ice cream. Also vanillin is very actively used in cosmetics and medical industries. In the perfumes production vanillin has been widely used already in the XVII century. Nowadays pharmacists use vanillin to give a pleasant vanilla flavor to medicines.

Except of giving a pleasant flavor vanillin has another feature – the ability to hide the smells. So in the agricultural industry vanillin is used in the manufacture of animal feeds. It allows hiding the smell of industrial processing and stimulates animals’ appetite.

Also vanillin’s used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. Some types of fortified wines, cognacs and brandies are produced with the addition of vanillin. Vanillin is added to almost all liqueurs, especially cream and chocolate, to give them a pleasant aroma.

Generally it is difficult to name an industry where flavor is important for final product and vanillin is not used.

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Content of Vanillin

Amount of applied vanillin depends on many factors: product kind, stage of product production, past or future temperature processing and many others. In order to correctly calculate the right proportions of vanillin it is necessary to consider all these factors. Truly vanillin gives products amazing aroma, however in no case you shouldn’t overdose vanillin!

Vanillin overdose leads to bitter taste, which means a complete loss of positive flavor characteristics of the product.

In chocolate producing manufactures use powdered and crystal vanillin. This type of flavoring doesn’t affect the chocolate consistency as opposed to vanillin in a liquid form. In chocolate manufacture the stage of applying vanillin is determined only by recipe. Vanillin dosage also is determined by the recipe. Often it is in the range from 0,3 to 0,8 kg of vanillin per ton of chocolate.

Pastries are the most exacting to vanillin quality. This is due to the high temperatures required for cooking products in this category. Therefore, in the manufacture of baking you must use vanillin heat-resistant grades. Applying vanillin into products executes during the dry mixing or combined with fat, since fats link flavor and enable to keep it in the product. Average dose of Vanillin for this category ranges from 0.3 kg to vanillin per ton.

In the dairy industry vanillin is often used in liquid and powder form. Its dosage ranges between 0,05-0,3 kg per ton of product.