Sale of food colorings on favorable terms
Nowadays food industry uses colorings both natural and synthetic for providing products with natural color. Mostly food colorings are used for coloring food products that have lost their color during storage or processing, as well as to impart color initially colorless products. What are the colorings and whether they are harmful to human health?

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Е-171

Titanium dioxide is a food coloring inorganic mineral origin. Titanium dioxide has the form of white powder, with completely absence of taste and smell. As a food coloring titanium dioxide was allowed to use in 1994 by European 94/36/SI instruction and got the number E-171.

In spite of the amorphous properties titanium dioxide is able to give an attractive look great number of food products. Its main purpose is to bleach. With the help of titanium dioxide manufacturers bleach all kinds of meat, fish and poultry: sirloin steak, beef, pate, prepared food, meat squid, crab sticks, bacon, meat, and krill. In the confectionery and bakery production titanium dioxide is used in the manufacture bakery products, dough, candies, jams, glazes and other products.

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Application and use of titanium dioxide

As already have been mentioned above, the titanium dioxide is used in food industry for bleaching meat, confectionery and bakery products. Depending on the desired whitening result titanium dioxide is used in the proportion of 0,1-1%. By chemical properties of titanium dioxide does not dissolve in water, so it does not digested by human body and completely eliminated by natural way.

When painting minced titanium dioxide is added at the beginning of cooking. It is desirable to do so simultaneously with the addition of phosphates – in this case beef retains moisture.

In bleaching fillet the recommended dosage is 25-50 grams of titanium dioxide to 0,1 ton of operating weight (sirloin and solution). Solution consists of water and a small amount of salt. Fillet should be in the solution not more than thirty minutes. This solution can be used repeatedly over several days.

When painting squid initially the top layer of dark skin is removed, leaving a light layer. Exactly this layer is amenable to bleaching of titanium dioxide.

Except of food industry titanium dioxide is used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Titanium dioxide is used in the manufacture of cosmetics to make them white. Also it is used for the production of tanning because of the unique properties of impenetrability. Titanium dioxide is an excellent tool for protecting the skin from UV-rays. Manufacture of soaps, creams, toothpaste, conditioners and other cosmetics can’t go without the use of titanium dioxide.

Production of titanium dioxide

Production of titanium dioxide is a leader in the consumption of the world capacity of extracted titanium. In the nature titanium dioxide can be found in fairly large quantities, but this source is not able to meet growing demand, so titanium dioxide is also produced by chemical means from titanium tetrachloride and from ilmenite concentrate. The world’s major producers of titanium dioxide are Finland, Ukraine, Germany and the USA. Also recently China is rapidly increasing production capacity of this food coloring.