Sale of vanilin on favorable terms
Vanillin is a crystal or powder flavoring, obtained by chemical way. Vanillin is the most famous and one of the most ancient flavorings in the world. It was synthesized to replace the natural flavor - vanilla. Vanillin’s birthplace is South America, where vanilla is used since ancient times. It is believed that the first European, who tasted Vanillin, was Christopher Columbus. Vanillin is extracted from the fruit of the vanilla – the Mexican tropical liana of the orchid’s family. Vanillin is the main substance contained in the fruit of vanilla. Its content does not exceed 3% even in the best varieties of vanilla.

Vanillin powder

Vanillin powder is milky or slightly yellow color fine powder. Vanillin powder has the identical to the vanilla pod pleasant aroma. Powdered vanillin is often received as a result of grinding crystal vanillin. By the chemical composition powdered vanillin consists of 98% of 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde (chemical name of vanillin). The remaining 2% contains various adjuvants to enhance and stabilize the flavor of vanilla. The high degree of grinding of powdered vanillin increases the specific area of vanillin crystals, which, in turn, provides an intense vanilla fragrance at temperatures of 10-15 °C. Powdered vanillin perfectly dissolves in water, even at a low temperature. Vanillin powder is often used in the food industry for making vanilla flavorings. Vanilla flavorings consist of powdered vanillin and supportive flavorings. Thus, you can add to vanilla aroma additional fragrance of cream, almonds, etc.

The advantage of powdered vanillin before crystalline vanillin is a low melting point, which ensures a higher adaptability. In comparison with liquid vanillin, powder vanillin has an advantage, it does not change the consistency of the product. Therefore, vanillin powder is used to make chocolate and other confectionery products, where the change of consistency is unacceptable.

Recommended dosages of powdered vanilla

Consumption of powdered vanilla: 0,5 … 2,0 kg / t product.

Product Quantity, g/t
Baking 700…2000
Chocolate and chocolate products 500…1500
Aerated confectionery mass 500…700
Protein cream, custard 500…700
Dairy products 700…1200
Ice cream 500…800
Chewing gum 400…700
Non-alcoholic beverages 200…400

Powdered vanillin is used in the manufacture of aerated confectionery mass and pastries, chocolate and chocolate products, for preparation of custard and proteins creams. Vanilla powder is often used in the preparation of ice cream and dairy products. Nowadays almost all chewing gum contains a powdered vanillin in its composition. Manufacture of soft drinks, nectars and fruit drinks also doesn’t dispense without the powdered vanillin. Due to its high water dissolving abilities powdered vanillin is often used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.