Maltodextrin Kiev

Maltodextrin is a powdered food additive of white or cream color. By chemical composition maltodextrin includes glucose, maltose and oligosaccharides. Maltodextrin dissolves well in hot and cold water. He has pleasant taste, is easily digested by human body and helps produce insulin.

Maltodextrin almost does not cause allergies, what has led to a wide consumption of maltodextrin. It can be added even in baby food.

Production of maltodextrin

For maltodextrin production it is used potato or corn starch hydrolysis.Hydrolysis is executed with the use of hydrolytic enzymes or acids. After hydrolysis refining and dehydrating with diffuse take place. The result of these manipulation is a maltodextrin with different sugar content. Carbohydrate composition of maltodextrin is regulated at the stage of hydrolysis, which allows to obtain maltodextrin with different functional characteristics.

Buy Maltodextrin

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Properties of maltodextrin

The maltodextrin saccharine compound is very heterogeneous. This is achieved because of the wide range of starch depolymerization. With this feature maltodextrin may have emulsifying and stabilizing properties, promote bonding and breaking up, amplify the taste and smell, to prolong freshness and slow crystallization. With the help of maltodextrin can be slowed the natural process of color change.

Maltodextrin application

Maltodextrin is widely used in various industries. The highest consumption of maltodextrin is food industry. Maltodextrin is used in the manufacture of baby foods – it replaces the starch. As against to starch, maltodextrin is easily digested in the body of the child. In addition, the maltodextrin is an excellent source of carbohydrates and stimulates the production of insulin in the body. Maltodextrin is widespread in the manufacture of confectionery and bakery products. With it you can control the consistency of the product, to prevent premature hardening, adjust the viscosity of the dough and prevent hardening of the saccharine. Maltodextrin perfectly underlines the dough taste and gives it a nice sweet sub-taste.

Maltodextrin is used in the manufacture of various powdered spices, sauces, soups and semis to improve solubility, increase the carbohydrate content and, therefore, food-value of products.

In the pharmaceutical maltodextrin is used as an inert additive. The usage of maltodextrin can create stable compounds with a large number of low content components.

Maltodextrin is also used in cosmetology. It is used in the manufacture of various care products for face and body skin: creams, balms and masks. In cosmetics such properties of maltodextrin is used: to clean pores, soften and nourish skin cells. Ability of maltodextrin to reduce wrinkles is actively used in a series for people in age. Also maltodextrin can be found in the many toothpastes, rouge, hygienic powders and other cosmetics.