Sale of vanilin on favorable terms
Vanillin is a crystal or powder flavoring, obtained by chemical way. Vanillin is the most famous and one of the most ancient flavorings in the world. It was synthesized to replace the natural flavor - vanilla. Vanillin’s birthplace is South America, where vanilla is used since ancient times. It is believed that the first European, who tasted Vanillin, was Christopher Columbus. Vanillin is extracted from the fruit of the vanilla – the Mexican tropical liana of the orchid’s family. Vanillin is the main substance contained in the fruit of vanilla. Its content does not exceed 3% even in the best varieties of vanilla.

Ethyl vanillin

Ethyl vanillin is small white or slightly yellowish crystals or crystalline powder.

It is used to provide food and drink with vanilla flavor, camouflage and mitigate the undesirable side-tastes and smells (for example, taste of boiling in milk products or fat in baking).

Its smell is similar to the smell of vanillin, but 4 times more intense. The intensity of flavor depends on the quality ethyl vanillin.

Ethyl vanillin is used as an inexpensive substitute for vanillin.

Ethyl vanillin application

The main ethyl vanillin consumers are confectionery manufacture, dairy industry and manufacture of taste aromatic blends.

Recommended dosage of ethyl vanillin.

Product   Ethyl vanillin quantity,
g/t of product
Confectionery 25-50
Dairy industry 15-30
Taste aromatic blends 25-75

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