Sale of food colorings on favorable terms
Nowadays food industry uses colorings both natural and synthetic for providing products with natural color. Mostly food colorings are used for coloring food products that have lost their color during storage or processing, as well as to impart color initially colorless products. What are the colorings and whether they are harmful to human health?

Food colorings

Food colorings are a variety of food additives, and are marked by symbols E100-E199 in manufacture. Natural food colorings are extracted mainly by physical methods from coloring substances of vegetable or animal origin. Among these types of food colorings are turmeric or curcumin (E100), carmine (E120), chlorophyll (E140), annatto (E160b), a popular beta-carotene (E160a) and many others. Most often, natural food colorings are used in the manufacture of dairy products, cosmetics, as well as in pharmacology.

Synthetic colorings do not occur in nature, and are artificially synthesized for manufacture. They are not biologically active, as opposed to natural food colorings, and do not contain vitamins and flavoring agents. However, synthetic colorings are characterized by a number of properties that make them more profitable in the food industry than the use of natural dyes. Among these properties – low sensitivity to the conditions of storage and industrial processing, as well as brightness and easily reproducible colors.

Synthetic food colorings are water-soluble organic matter, and in the global industry have been used for over ten years. The main application fields are confectionery, beverages, meat, fish products, as well as chips, sauces and other fast food. Depending on production requirements, you can buy food colorings powder or granular.

Requirements for food colorings

Taking in consideration today’s widespread of colorings, they are demanded to meet a number of requirements. They should:

  • be harmless in the doses used;
  • don’t be carcinogenic, mutagenic, don’t have a biological activity;
  • be resistant to light and heat, oxidizers and reducers;
  • have high level of staining even at low concentrations of food coloring;
  • be water- and fat-soluble, have a uniform distribution in foods.


Buy food colorings

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