Food additives

Food additives are substances extracted from natural or chemical compounds. Food additives received their name due to the fact that they are not used as standalone products, but they are added to food to give it the desired properties. Usage of food additives can give the necessary properties of products, whether it’s a certain smell (food flavorings), color (food coloring), duration of storage (preservatives), taste, etc.

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Food additives – classification and marking

All food additives are marked by “E” symbol at the beginning and a numeric number. Index “E” was introduced to simplify the marking of food additives on the food labels. Each food additive has its own name, which is often difficult to pronounce and cumbersome to write. Using the index “E” let significantly reduce the space, occupied by the product composition text on the label, and to bring the notation to a single international standard. In the European Union presence of component with index “E” in product contents means that the food additive officially authorized for use, which, in turn, causes the confidence of the buyer.

All food additives are divided into groups. The first group includes natural and synthetic colorings (labeled E100-199), after them come additives which prolong products shelf-life or preservatives (labeled E200-299), then – substances that protect against oxidation products, or oxidizing agents (labeled E300 -399) then – stabilizers, thickeners and emulsifiers (labeled E400-499), raising agents (E500-599), flavor enhancers and flavor (E600-699), etc.

Buy food additives

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Types of food additives

The first and the largest group of food additives includes food colorings. They are commonly used in the food industry to restore the natural color of food which has lost it during the technological process. Also colorings are used to impart color initially colorless products.
Food colorings can be natural or synthetic. For producing natural colorings a variety of berries, fruit, leaves and flowers of plants, vegetables and root crops is used. Within the process of making such colorings it is often possible to maintain in them natural vitamins and minerals. In addition, natural colorings can have a natural taste and aroma. Synthetic colorings are obtained by chemical process. They have no taste and smell, and don’t contain nutrients. However, they also have advantages – a more vivid and lasting color, the increased concentration.

The main purpose of preservatives is to extend the shelf life of products. These supplements, as well as food colorings, can be natural and synthetic. The most common preservatives are ethyl alcohol and sodium chloride (table salt), also natural acids are often used (acetic, malic, sorbic, benzoic, and etc).
There are several products in which usage of synthetic preservatives is prohibited. Among these products – bread, milk, flour, baby food. Also it is prohibited the use synthetic preservatives in all products with have the packaging label “fresh”, “natural”.

Food additives, called antioxidants, are used to prevent the breakdown of fat in foods. In addition antioxidants can preserve fruits and vegetables from browning due to oxidation, slow fermentation in wine and other beverages. The most common natural antioxidant is ascorbic acid.

Thickeners are food additives, which are used to stabilize the structure of the products. With thickeners supplement manufacturers can easily obtain the products with the desired consistency. Synthetic thickeners are prohibited. In the food industry only natural thickeners are used, which can be found in nature. The most common thickeners are gelatin and pectin, which are not digested by the body and completely eliminated by natural way.

For controlling such parameters as viscosity and plasticity emulsifiers are used. Application of emulsifiers allows to save confectionery and bakery products fresh for a long time. In recent years the food industry uses mostly synthetic emulsifiers. Natural emulsifiers, such as natural lecithin and egg protein are significantly more expensive in price and labor-intensive for use and storage.

Food additives, called taste boosters, are used to add nucleotides (flavor and taste enhancers, which are naturally contained in fresh food), in artificial way. The most common taste boosters are glutamate, maltol and etilmaltol, vanillin.