“Made of exotic flower” – Harchovyk #17(121)

Subtle sweet flavor of vanilla – is a component of the product, which gives it elegance and perfection. Exactly vanilla is now ranked as the most important among flavorings in the food industry. Synthetic vanillin is currently being applied in confectionery, dairy and drink manufactures. For pastry products it is recommended to use temperature resistant vanillin, for chocolate – crystal or powder vanillin, for dairy products – liquid and powdered forms of vanillin. Vanillin is also being applied in the production of some kinds of liquors and wines.

Factoria-Kyiv Company offers crystal and powder vanillin for food industry. “Crystal vanillin is a white or bright yellow crystals – says commercial director of Factoria-Kyiv Natalia Melnychuk. – Vanillin crystals have high thermal stability and begin to melt at a temperature of only 81 … 83 ° C, while highlighting the intense flavor. Therefore, crystal vanillin is often being used for baking pastry products at temperatures above 200°C “.

While using crystalline vanillin the characteristics of each product should be considered, recommended amount of vanillin can vary 0,1-1,0 kg / t production. For example, in the manufacture of chocolate in 1 ton of product recommended amount of crystal vanillin is 100-300 grams; for bread products – from 200 to 300 g, for dairy products -150-300 g, for soft drinks – from 10 to 50 g.

Powdered vanillin is a white or yellowish powder. It differs from crystal vanillin by higher degree of grinding and has a more intense flavor. According to Natalia Melnychuk, vanillin powder usage is 0,5-2,0 kg per 1 ton of product. For example, for preparation of protein creams and custard you should apply 500-700 grams per ton, for ice cream – 500-800 g, in the production of chewing gum – 400-700 g.

In the product range of Factoria-Kyiv company there is also ethyl vanillin – small white or slightly yellow crystals or crystalline powder. Ethyl vanillin is applied in products for giving them vanilla flavor, masking and mitigate the undesirable side-tastes and odors, such as boiling flavor in dairy products or fat in a bakery. Ethyl vanillin is used in much less doses compared to the crystal and powder vanillin, because its flavor forth time more intense. In confectionery, dairy and drink industries ethyl vanillin is also used in the production of flavored mixes.

Maria Lisovych – Харчовик №17(121)14-21 September 2010.