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Subtle sweet flavor of vanilla – is a component of the product, which gives it elegance and perfection. Exactly vanilla is now ranked as the most important among flavorings in the food industry. Synthetic vanillin is currently being applied in confectionery, dairy and drink manufactures. For pastry products it is recommended to use temperature resistant vanillin, for chocolate – crystal or powder vanillin, for dairy products – liquid and powdered forms of vanillin. Vanillin is also being applied in the production of some kinds of liquors and wines. Read more

Natalі Melnichuk – Commercial Director LLC “Faktorіya-Kyiv”


Our enterprise is the official distributor of the “Destilla GmbH” (Germany) company. “Destilla GmbH” is the world leading producer of flavors and extracts that supplies it to EU, Asian countries, USA, Australia, UK etc. In 2002 “Destilla” is ABCERT certificated for eco-products producing. There are worlds famous foodstuffs producers, pharmaceutical and bioactive substances producers, producers of aromatized coffee and tea, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks in its base now. Read more

Vanilla tunes of a pastry sonata – Bakery and Confectioner’s #1 (41) February 2012

Besides the odorization, vanillin has one important ability to hide undesirable smells. Process engineers assure that vanilla amount inside products will depend on what product it is added to, production stage and temperature processing. Vanilla overdose shouldn’t take place cause it can lead the bitterness and loss of taste features of the product. Read more