Vanilla tunes of a pastry sonata – Bakery and Confectioner’s #1 (41) February 2012

Now vanilla – is one of the world most recognized odor. It is used in pastry, ice cream and alcoholic beverage production.

Besides the odorization, vanillin has one important ability to hide undesirable smells. Process engineers assure that vanilla amount inside products will depend on what product it is added to, production stage and temperature processing. Vanilla overdose shouldn’t take place cause it can lead the bitterness and loss of taste features of the product.

During the chocolate production powdered and crystalline vanillin is used. It has no influence on chocolate consistence compared to liquid vanillin. Only the product recipe is determining when the vanillin has to be added. The dose of vanillin depends on sort of chocolate and amounts from 0.3 to 0.8 kg per ton of chocolate.

Producers note that the most exacting to quality of vanillin is farinaceous pastry. It is linked to high temperatures which are needed to cook such kind of products. Therefore thermoduric vanillin has to be used for baking. It is added on dry mixing stage or together with fats because fats tie up aroma and hold it inside the product. Average dose of vanillin amounts from 0.3 to 0.7 kg per ton of product.

The most used form of vanillin in dairy industry is liquid and powdered. Average dose is 0.05-0.3 kg per ton of product.

“Factoria-Kyiv” offers several kinds of vanillin: crystalline, powdered and ethyl-vanillin.

Crystalline vanillin smells like a vanilla pod. It is thermoduric and melts at temperature higher than 80°С. Saturated vanilla aroma emits while melting.

Due to high rates of thermostability crystalline vanillin is used in pastry and bakery with cooking temperature higher than 200°С.

Powdered vanillin is got of milled crystalline vanillin. The high rate of milling increases the specific area of vanillin crystals. It provides the saturated vanilla aroma even at 10-15°С. Powdered vanillin excellent dissolves in cold water.

The advantage of powdered vanillin compared to crystalline vanillin is a low melting temperature of crystals. It ensures the higher processability of vanillin. Powdered vanillin is used in whisked pastry and baked goods production, production of chocolate, scalded and protein creams, different flavour and aromatic formulas (dry creams, jelly, dry drinks etc.) and icing. Almost all chewing gums include powdered vanillin. It is used in nectars and fruit drink too.

Ethyl-vanillin is a product of vanilla group that has saturated vanilla aroma. The rate of aroma is 4-5 times higher than crystalline vanillin has. It means the necessary amount is 4-5 times lower compared to crystalline vanillin. Hereby using the ethyl-vanillin is cost effective. Ethyl-vanillin is used when aromatizing or hiding undesirable smells is needed.

“Factoria-Kyiv” employees will always help to choose not only vanillin but different flavourings, colouring agents and lot of other products as well to make the products tastier.

Director of “Factoria-Kyiv” Ltd